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Viruses: The Common Sense Guide

Welcome to the guide! Here you'll find clear information about viruses in general. The aim of writing the documents presented here has been to provide a common sense guide to how viruses are transmitted over the Internet, and also to provide a reference for those trying to decide whether a virus warning e-mail is a hoax. It is written in language which is not over-technical, i.e. the average user should understand it.

Any suggestions to the guide would be welcome, as well as your queries on viruses and feedback on what you think should be changed/added. Any inaccuracies presented here are my fault, and I would be pleased if anyone finding any would contact me to notify me of them. Please read the disclaimer in the Notes section, and also the Terms of Use. By viewing these pages or downloading/accessing the files provided you show that you are in agreement with both of these documents. I hope you find the guide useful and informative: if you like it, please recommend it to your friends or link to it, to help more people know about viruses, and to prevent people spreading hoax warnings.

To e-mail me, see my contact and send along any queries or comments

General Advice on Viruses

Macro Viruses

E-mail Viruses (& Hoaxes)

Notes & Disclaimer