Current Research Projects

These are the various projects that I'm involved in or am interested in (and reading about!). More links etc. may appear as and when I get round to it, but you'll get the idea of what I'm doing from the below. My general area of focus is wireless networking, but I'm also into more generally applicable concepts like charging incentives, security, and so on. See my Bibliography for more details.

Sentient Vehicles & Sentient Transportation

Wireless Networks

I'm interested in lots of different aspects of wireless networking. My current focus is on optimising vertical handovers, but there's lots more!

Intervehicular Networks & Data Aggregation

Congestion/Road User Charging & ITS

I'm particularly interested in the technologies used for congestion charging/road pricing (see my publications page). I endeavour to make comments in response to articles that are published either in the news or in other form that have misconceptions about how good/bad the technologies actually are.

Mobile IP

(See Pablo Vidales' page for older publications related to this project, and my publications page for newer ones that I was involved with.)

Ad hoc Networks

I used to have an interest in ad hoc networking. In particular, my final year undergraduate dissertation concerned the simulation of an energy-aware routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. These days I don't keep up with the field very much, though I do read up on protocols that are specific to vehicles.