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More Tables

The more complicated parts of tables: how to make them look stylish.

Frames 1

The Basics of frames: how to split the browser window into basically different pages.

Frames 2

More frames, only this time it's the more advanced stuff. Make sure you understand frames 1 before going on to this.


How to produce mail-to forms, as well as e-mail links. No CGI explained though!

Introduction to JavaScript

How to bring up an alert telling your user not to leave your page, ask them if they want some music and other basic JavaScript functions.

New Windows

How to bring up pop-up menus by windows. All the attributes and the syntax for doing it with JavaScript.


Marquees, blinking text, videos in your web page and background sound.

Style Sheets

There's been a lot of hype about them, but they are in fact pretty easy. All you need is a new browser and you can go where you thought no designer could have gone before!

ActiveX & Java

How to put Java applets and ActiveX controls into your web page. (No actual programming info about these two languages provided though).


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