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Webmaster's Guide to HTML 

Welcome to the Webmaster's Guide to HTML. Here you will find everything about HTML there is to be known! From beginner's first tags to elementary JavaScript, Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML. The guide is continually being updated to provide you with the best reference online. Thanks for visiting, and happy designing!


There's been a lot of talk about this recently: Microsoft is pushing IE 4.01's capabilities at us and web designers are having to take notice of what is set to be one of the biggest revolutions in the web design world since JavaScript and Java. Tutorial coming soon to the guide!

Different Versions

How can you get the browser to redirect automatically so that you can make different versions of your site to suit? Find out why in Tips & Tricks.

What are META tags?

Wondering how you get good listings on search Engines? Find out how to use META tags in the Miscellaneous section of the Guide!

Are you within the Law?

See what you can and can't do to protect your content, and see what you shouldn't be doing with other people's! Check out the article on Copyright.

Let in the Fresh Air

How do you make a little new window menu anyway? Learn how to open up a whole new dimension to design: take a look at new windows.


What, a big tent? No, it's one of the multimedia features in Internet Explorer 3.0x or later, and you can learn how to use it in the article on multimedia.

Frames with no Borders!

Yes, you can make frames without those annoying grey bars! Honestly! How to is in frames part 2, so make sure you know the stuff in frames part 1!



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