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Basic Tutorials  

Getting Started

What HTML is, how you use it to design web pages, and general information on what programmes to use to get you started.

Text Tags

All the tags you use to format text, such as embolden, italicise it, and generally make it look colourful and interesting.

More Text Tags

More complicated text tags, advanced page formatting.


How you make links to other pages, targeting, and a bit of information on links as a whole.


How to put images in your pages, what formats to use and a few tricks about linking with images.


Yes, those really boring things... Well, they aren't actually: you can use them to make things like this page: there's no frames here!


Ordered, unumbered, Roman numerals... you name it, there's a tag for that type of list!


What tags don't work in what browser? How to achieve a design that works with most people's software.


Are you a law abiding web designer? Find out what to do to make sure your content isn't copied, as well as seeing what you shouldn't be doing.


Miscellaneous HTML tags that didn't really fit in any of the other sections. Horizontal lines, META tags and so on.


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