Monitor Mode with Orinoco IEEE 802.11b Cards & Linux

The following is a terse description of how to install the Orinoco wireless PCMCIA drivers on Suse 9.3. In addition to providing some guidance on monitor mode, it also helps solve the problem of iwlist eth1 scanning resulting in the msssage interface doesn't support scanning, by upgrading the drivers to a later revision. Note that 0.13e revision 8 is for kernel 2.6.11: you will need higher revisions if you are using a later kernel.

Following more in depth testing and investigation, I found that the above procedure does not in fact give true monitor mode (in the sense that the monitor ioctl() does not appear in the list output by iwpriv). The following does appear to work better -- comments welcome!

Note: Another useful page is Airsnort's Orinoco page.