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Different Versions

So, have you wondered, with all these different browsers around, how on earth do I get my pages to look good for all of them? Many of you will probably have realised that you will have to create different versions for different browsers. Ok, but then, how do you get the right page to the right browser? It's easy with this script I have created to specifically do exactly that!

Click here to look at the code (copy and paste it into your HTML file).


  • Redirects any version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Navigator. Specifically:
    1. Any 2.0x or lower version (JavaScript compatible), is sent to a specific page.
    2. Any 3.0x version is sent to another page, or alternatively IE 3.0x can be sent to one page and Netscape 3.0x to another.
    3. Any 4.0x version is sent to another page, or alternatively IE 4.0x can be sent to one page and Netscape 4.0x to another.
    4. Versions 3.0x and 4.0x of IE which are not running under Windows 95 are redirected to a page with no ActiveX in it.
  • All other browsers (that is ones which are JavaScript compatible but are not IE or Netscape), are sent to the same page as the 2.0x versions.


  • The script is Copyright 1998 Iceman/Web Technologies. All Rights Reserved.
  • The script is yours for free providing the header at the top remanins intact and unchanged. Please do not distribute it publicly without asking.
  • The script remains the property of Iceman/Web Technologies. You may not BY ANY MEANS try to barter, sell, or otherwise make money out of the script.
  • The script is NOT public domain. It is governed by the "Artistic" variation of the GNU General Public License. Briefly:

    The GNU General Public License is one way to distribute free software without the danger of someone taking advantage of you. Under this type of license, source code may be distributed freely and used by anybody, but any programs derived using such code must be released under the same type of license. In other words, if you derive any of your source code from GNU-licensed source code, you have to release your source code to anyone who wants it. The "Artistic" license is a variation on the GNU General Public License which says that anyone who releases a script derived from this script must make it clear that the script is not actually this script. All modifications must be clearly flagged, executables renamed if necessary, and the original modules distributed along with the modified versions. The effect is that the original author is clearly recognized as the "owner" of the package. The general terms of the GNU General Public License also apply.

  • The script is subject to all the terms and conditions of use described for the pages and scripts at the site at The legal agreement is at

The script is a big change on earlier versions, and has fully commented code. You shouldn't have any problems setting the user variables and then putting up the script on your site. E-mail me at for support and updates. Have fun, and ENJOY!


Copyright 1998 Iceman. All Rights Reserved. Further Legal Stuff

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